Roddy Wood in actionRoddy Wood’s Waireka Polo centre specialises in producing internationally competitive polo ponies.

These quality mounts have found a ready market throughout the world, including Britain, the United States, Germany, Australia, Argentina, and Malaysia. They are the result of a carefully developed training programme by Roddy Wood, who for 11 years was polo manager for Guards Polo Club in Britain, the most prestigious polo club in the world.

Roddy established Waireka Polo about 15 years ago on a block of farmland half an hour north of the South Island’s largest city, Christchurch.

He set about establishing a purpose-built training facility which now comprises a carefully maintained polo field, a pavilion, and extensive yarding and facilities designed to turn young horses into top polo mounts.

Roddy encourages international buyers to visit Waireka Polo, where they can see for themselves the high standard of the horses, and the programme which gives such good results. The value of the New Zealand dollar means our polo ponies represent very good value, even factoring in the cost of air transport.

Waireka stakes its international reputation on the quality of its polo ponies. The New Zealand summer coincides with the northern hemisphere off-season, providing an ideal time for potential buyers not only to visit to check out the bloodstock, but also enjoy a warm and sunny break from the northern chill.

Roddy Wood in action

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Roddy, who reached a six-goal handicap, has been involved in the sport for 30 years. He also offers coaching to international visitors wanting to improve their game and horsemanship, and is passionate about encouraging young people into polo – not surprising given that he has three sons keen on the game. Three times a week Roddy can be found coaching school-age players at Waireka. He has initiated inter-school and Pony Club polo and hosts two inter-school tournaments during the season.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site. In it, Roddy explains the training philosophy that he believes makes Waireka polo ponies second to none.

Waireka Polo Farm