Pony sales

Waireka Polo always has a selection of experienced polo ponies for sale. We offer the opportunity to try these horses throughout the New Zealand summer and can run chukkas if you wish. We can also organise appropriate transport and vet testing.

We strongly recommend that players come and try the horses at Waireka to really get a feel for the horse before you make this important investment.


We have a stallion on site with which we are using to sire our polo brood mares. Smokey is a 15:2 Pinto who has the dominant gene for producing coloured foals (black/brown and white) and an extremely gentle nature. Enquire now to have your mare served by Smokey here in Sefton to guarantee your next foal has this unique look.

 Polo sire "Smokey"

All enquiries to Roddy: 03 312 9612

A fol by Smokey